Located in the University area, The Quintessential Groomer is your local Barber, providing all kinds of modern and innovative services in hair and skincare. Having worked in hair care and hair design for years, I have experience with all types of hair. I’m proud to offer my customers a wide range of hairstyles, treatments, looks and helpful products that reflect their individuality and personal taste. Schedule an appointment today!

Meet Your New Favorite Barber

The Quintessential Groomer, For All Your Hair, Skin & Scalp Needs

Featured Services

Men, Women, & Kids Haircuts

A classic grooming service like you’ve never experienced. Specializing in all hair textures and styles.

Hydrotherapy Bald Treatment

Remove all hair and dead skin, Hot towel and razor shave of the head, Skin detox & antibacterial treatment to prevent and eradicate skin issues, Head massage to increase blood flow after treatment, and High gloss head buff & shine!

Alaskan Mask Facial

Remove blackheads and whiteheads from nose and chin. Heating & Cooling sensation, deep pore cleansing, relaxing, vibrant, invigorating, cleansing, controls breakouts, stimulating, hydrating, ph balanced. 

Thermal Scrub Scalp Exfoliation

Exfoliating scalp scrub and deep cleansing which removes dirt, oil, dead skin and intoxicants. Reduces the inflammation of bumps and irritation of the scalp. Eliminates scalp itching and irritation; also removes excessive dandruff.

Quintessential Grooming Beard Wash

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